On Spinal Waves 101

by Sarah Bender

In a world of formulaic, “results guaranteed, probably” online courses, Jon provides a refreshing, genuinely helpful alternative that you will actually incorporate into your life.

On Bottoms Up

by Ian Cunningham

Jon's squat program has to be one of the best and most creative lower body courses that I have had the pleasure of taking.

On Spinal Waves 102

by Micha Bakker

For the first time (ever!) I actually felt that I could wave and flow with my whole body.

On Spinal Waves 101

by Samantha Emanuel

Discovering Jon’s work is like discovering a hidden treasure. My love for exploring/researching/moving has been rekindled by his teaching.

On Bottoms Up

by Angie Cavazos

The Bottoms Up Squat program has improved my strength, stability, and balance. My weak calves became stronger with every week's task. The tasks are fun, creative, and challenging.

On Spinal Waves 102

by Lisa

Spinal Waves 102 offers the possibility to develop each movement sequence from low to high intensity, from small to big, from easy to difficult.

On Spinal Waves 101

by Melissa Marshall

I am forever grateful to have a teacher like Jon Yuen. The way he teaches movement is a beautiful thing.

On Bottoms Up

by Kimberley Ann

Regardless of your background in movement, Jon's Bottoms Up course is an absolute joy to dive into.

Movement (demystified).

The training industry has a lot of attractions: different results (and how to get there) that gained popularity, and oftentimes for good reason.

But in the same way that Paris has more to offer than the Eiffel Tower, there's more to leg strength than doing heavy back squats.

Middle splits and downward-facing pooches are not the only way we can improve our flexibility, and if you're looking for ways to center or calm yourself, then there are other options than yoga (I promise).

My mission is not to find the next best thing or give you more reasons for you to visit the Colosseum (just how far can I take this "training as tourism" analogy?).

Instead, I wish to explore the alleys and flea markets of physical culture. To take the paths not taken and explore neglected ideas, in order to find something I believe is worth sharing. Not for the sake of novelty or rarity alone, but in the hopes that someone like you might just find something you've been missing.

If you're new to this website, and you don't know where to start, then I'd recommend that you check out Spinal Waves 101. It's a five-week course that 1500+ vertebrates such as yourself have already taken in order to improve the movability of their spines.