Reveal, study and go with the flow. Spinal Waves 101, taught by Jon, is an in-depth approach to spinal movement. Here, you'll learn global flexion-extension patterns, isolated and sequential spinal articulations. In Spinal Waves 102, Sam will assist you in taking your practice a step further, by studying and experiencing how the spine can support and drive the flow of movement throughout the rest of the body.

by Micha Bakker

For the first time (ever!) I actually felt that I could wave and flow with my whole body.

by Sarah Bender

In a world of formulaic, “results guaranteed, probably” online courses, Jon provides a refreshing, genuinely helpful alternative that you will actually incorporate into your life. And that, to me, is worth a hundred “Perfect backbend” online courses that I’ll do for a month and never use again.

by Frances Moylan

Starting this journey into spinal waves has totally rocked my world. Not only have I opened up new movements, but I have also learnt so much about what my body can do and how much movement I can work towards in my spine.

by Digue Braga

I highly recommend the 'Spinal Waves' course to.. Anyone, really. Prior to taken it I’ve had always a very stiff back, due to years involved in high performance sports competing in Martial Arts or training athletes of the Canadian National team of Taekwondo.

by Charlotte

Spinal Waves 102 has ignited my dance practice with new ideas, imagery and inspiration. The programme is accessible for newer dancers yet there is plenty of fresh content and concepts to challenge those who are more advanced.

by Lisa

Spinal Waves 102 offers the possibility to develop each movement sequence from low to high intensity, from small to big, from easy to difficult. It improves strength and flexibility in a safe and natural way and- what is the most important aspect to me as a dancer- the body awareness.

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