The benefits

  • Resiliency

    Spinal waves won't make your spine unbreakable. That's not how physics or physiology works. However, if you should decide to move and stress your spine in more ways, you will also become more resilient to more stressors. That's a good deal.

  • Awareness

    Listening to your body is a skill that is built by asking the right questions. "Body mapping", an integral part of spinal waves, is one of those questions, and is the act of refining our ability to interpret and, subsequently, move our bodies.

  • Advantage

    Spinal waves will allow you to move with more comfort, which in turn will make you move smoother. You'll release movement in various parts of your spine. Because of this, you will be able to move in more ways.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • All about that sploosh.

  • 2

    Program Guidelines

  • 4

    Week 2

    • Tide - Tall Split Stance

    • Ripple - Thoracic Pop

    • Wave - Kneeling Surge

    • Week 2 - Notes

  • 5

    Week 3

    • Tide - Figure Four

    • Ripple - Cervical Hide, Seek and Slide

    • Wave - Kneeling Plunge

    • Week 3 - Notes

  • 6

    Week 4

    • Tide - Hinged

    • Ripple - Thoracic Weave and Slide

    • Wave - Wall Facing Surge and Plunge

    • Week 4 - Notes

  • 7

    Week 5

    • Tide - Multiangled

    • Ripple - Vortex

    • Last Wave

    • Week 5 - Notes

  • 8

    Bonus material

    • Breakdown of a flow

    • Tide - Pike

    • Tide - Figure 4 to Straddle

    • Ripple - Bear Vortex

    • Ripple - Seated Pelvic Rocks

    • Wave - Bear - Surge

    • Wave - Crescent

    • Guidelines - Bonus Material

  • 9

    Terms of Condition and Privacy Policy

    • Medical Disclaimer

    • Privacy Policy



  • What is the general layout of the course?

    The course lasts 5 weeks. Every week consists of one exercise from each of the following three categories: Tides (a global extension/flexion pattern), Ripples (isolated/smaller and novel articulations) and Waves (sequential isolations of the entire spine).

  • How much time will I invest in Spinal Waves each week?

    You’ll be practicing 3-4 sessions every week. Each session will take you 30-45 minutes. The exact amount of time depends on the exercises you do that specific week and how much work (sets) and recovery (rest period) you feel like you need on the given day.

  • What sort of equipment do I need?

    A floor (3 square meters), a chair and a wall.

  • What sort of experience do I need?

    None. Experience always helps, but the course has been designed to suit both those who’ve never associated their spines with maritime terms, as well as advanced practitioners.

  • Can I spend more than one week on a set of exercises?

    You most definitely can. Only you know how much time you need to get acquainted with the movements you are introducing to yourself and your body. Several splooshies have worked on specific exercises for several weeks, and others have repeated the course more than once. There is always something to learn. Just make sure that you aim for progression, not perfection. The latter gets you nowhere, fast.

  • How long do I have access to the course material?

    2 years from the day you enroll.

  • Is the course material downloadable?

    All videos in the course can be downloaded.


by Frances Moylan

Starting this journey into spinal waves has totally rocked my world. Firstly, I feel incredibly and have a lot of things to work on improving. It’s not time consuming, but of course it takes persistence and focus. Not only have I opened up new movements, but I have also learnt so much about what my body can do and how much movement I can work towards in my spine. I cannot recommend this course enough. If you have a spine, do yourself a favour and get on board.

by Digue Braga

I highly recommend the 'Spinal Waves' course to anyone really, prior to taken it I’ve had always a very stiff back, due to years involved in high performance sports competing in Martial Arts or training athletes of the Canadian National team of Taekwondo. Jon is a phenomenal teacher.

by Sarah Bender

Jon Yuen’s spinal wave course is a delightful journey that takes us through the peaceful forest of guided movement that doesn’t fall into the dry and formulaic “online fitness course” design,

by Melissa Marshall

As each week progressed in the Spinal Waves 101 course, I could feel a better sense of freedom transfer into other exercises. It brought a sense of mindfulness to new areas of my spine. I am forever grateful to have a teacher like Jon Yuen. The way he teaches movement, is a beautiful thing.

"Simple is beautiful. Jon’s course is thoughtfully designed and clearly explained," - Sam