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TMG In A Nutshell

  • 4 months of coaching, workout programs, and tasks designed to help you understand and improve the way you move.

  • A community of individuals who are passionate about the necessity, nuance, and value of the basics.

  • A simple and sustainable way to improve your strength, mobility, coordination and movement repertoire.

Nell Van Vorst

The layering of information throughout the last four months kind of takes my breath away.

Kyle Ernst

I've gained a stronger sense of being able to program for myself and to reach my goals on my own.

Lindsay Hall

I was grateful to be guided in an approach to training in TMG that felt open - like there were possibilities and options, not just rules to follow.

Orlando Maldonado

Moving with people in rhythm and looking graceful has been something I've always wanted.

Eduardo Fonseca

The live calls made me feel that I wasn't alone on a lot of questions that emerged during the phases. To resonate and be a part of this community is a cherry on top of the cake!

Gabriel Colby

TMG helped me to listen better to my inner voice; it was something that was developing but I feel even more confident in it now.

Welcome To The Movement Guild

An Online Coaching Group

  • Program

    At the beginning of each phase, you'll gain access to a new program. Each program lasts 4-5 weeks and includes both weighted and bodyweight exercises that'll improve your strength and mobility.

  • Lessons

    Each phase focuses on a theme that dictates how your programs will be designed, customized and executed. You'll also gain access to several tutorials and tasks to help you improve your movement vocabulary and coordination.

  • Coaching

    As a member of The Movement Guild you'll gain access to live Q&A calls, a members-only forum and will get feedback on both execution and progress.


  • Who is TMG suitable for?

    TMG is the place to be if you're interested in either learning or revisiting the basics. We'll be addressing strength and mobility, as well as study new and creative ways of moving and taking care of our bodies.

  • Are there any requirements for joining TMG?

    We recommend that you have at least six months' experience with some sort of physical training.

  • How much time should I invest in TMG?

    Every week you'll be doing four workouts of about one hour each. You should also reserve some time to review your program, your assignments, and lessons.

  • Who are the coaches?

    Jon Yuen ( and Jeremy Fein (

  • How will the programs be customized to my needs?

    At the beginning of each phase, you'll get access to lessons on how the program will be customized. Feedback and input will also be provided.

  • What is the duration of TMG?


  • What is the latest date at which I can register?

    Registrations ends August 31st.

  • Can I unsubscribe from the Guild?

    Yes! If you're paying for the monthly membership fee. One-time payments are binding.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome To TMG!

    • Ahoy!

  • 2

    It Begins (September 4th)

    • Ho, there wanderer.

    • Guild Guidelines

    • Schedule

  • 3

    First Phase - Roots

    • Lore, intro and clarification.

    • Program - Roots

    • How to tame your spreadsheet.

    • Customization

    • Volume

    • Intensity

    • Progression

    • Exceptions

    • Essentials

    • Fairy Dust: Rooted 180 - Week 2

    • Fairy Dust: Rooted 180 - 2.0 - Week 3

    • Fairy Dust: Bow and Arrow - Week 4

    • Fairy Dust: Dylan - Week 5

  • 4

    Second Phase - Heartwood

    • Guidlings, lend me your ears.

    • What is autoregulation?

    • How will we autoregulate?

    • Have At Thee, Excel!

    • Program - Heartwood

    • Homework and Customization

    • Exercise Selection

    • Autoregulation and Progression

    • Your Technique

    • Pixie Aether - Week 2: Squirming Mermaid

    • Pixie Aether - Week 3: CoMBoS

    • Pixie Aether - Week 4 - Split Scoot

  • 5

    Third Phase - Branches

    • Programming and Priorities

    • Cheat Sheet - Phase 3 - Programming

    • A Worthy Opponent/Spreadsheet

    • Program - Branches

    • Skill Acquisition - Welcome

    • Connecting the Dots

    • Deliberate Practice

    • The Missing Ingredient

    • Cheat Sheet - Skill Acquisition

    • Skill - Week 1: Stick Balancing

    • Skill - Week 2: Dribbling

    • Skill - Week 3: Finger Roll (cuteness overload)

    • Skill - Week 4:

    • Deliberate Practice and Juggling - Guidelines by Jeremy Fein

  • 6

    Fourth Phase - Fruits

    • The end is the beginning!

    • Program Guidelines

    • Program

    • Task Guidelines

    • Class Schedule

    • Week 1 - Perspective

    • Week 1 - Task 1 - The Eyes Have It

    • Week 1 - Task 2 - Eye of the Beholder

    • Week 2 - Task 3 - Motif

    • Week 2 - Task 4 - Rendezvous

    • Week 3 - Task 5 - Figure 8

    • Week 3 - Task 6 - RIP

    • Week 4 - Task 7 - Two-Step

    • Week 4 - Task 8 - Input/Output